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At Ishom Packaging, we realize that our customers deserve high quality products at competitive prices. That is why you will find the lowest rates along with shortest lead time in the industry. We have the capability to print up to four colors and up to 144 inches wide. No matter if you are a small operation requiring only few rolls a month or a large operation requiring few hundred rolls or some where in between, we can meet all your lumber packaging needs.

At Ishom Packaging, we use a wide range of mesh sizes chiefessays.net american ideals essay and weight. The opacity of the black LDPE coating on lumber wrap products blocks the sun’s harmful rays and prevents heat build up. This “Greenhouse Effect” could cause staining, water damage, bleaching, rusting or a variety of other adverse effects. The white LDPE coating on lumber wrap products reflects the sunlight and provides a clear printable surface.

We can supply all your lumber packaging needs

PE Lumber Wrap & Bags

PP Lumber Wrap & Bags

VCI Lumber Wrap


PP Lumber Wrap & Bags

Steel Wrap


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